Communication professional background_

I am a communication specialist with many years experience in the entertainment industry responsible for the areas of press relations, internal marketing, events and corporate social responsibility.

Telecine Network  (Pay TV and streaming network for films in Brazil)

(from september 2003 to january 2018)

Main responsibilities:
– External and internal digital and institutional communication management;
– Coordination of corporate and cross-branded events;
– Corporate Social Responsibility.

External: Press releases and media kits focused both on institutional and product communication. Talent handler. Management for the program of user generates content throught the social media tools.

Internal: Coordination and management for the internal inspirational communication with events, internal news, town hall meetings and campaign.

Corporate and cross-branded events: Coordination and management for outdoor cinema events.

Corporate Social Responsibility: Launch of the program “Cinema for people with visual disabilities”.

Responsible for a team of 4 professionals, press media agency and digital communication agency.

[2017] – Open Air Cinema in Rio de Janeiro. Part of the project I created in order to tighten the relationship between Telecine and young audiences

[2017] – CCXP 2017. I was responsible for the team of digital influencers and creators for Telecine

[2017] – Creation of the Corporate Social Responsibility program – Cinema for people with visual disabilities

[2017] – Creation of the eorporate education program entitled “Mergulho” (“Dive”)